Computer vision with Python and OpenCV


A short presentation showing how to develop a simple augmented reality application with Python and OpenCV.

May 12, 2016 00:00
The Developers Conference - Florianópolis, Brazil.

A presentation introducing computer vision concepts and show how one can easily develop interesting applications such as augmented reality with Python. It was focused on implementation details for developers and was presented together with William Jamir Silva.

The code can be divided into two sections, one focusing on computer vision and another on computer graphics. The first one uses image processing algorithms to extract the position and identification of markers put in front of a camera. The latter one uses such information to render 3D models over the marker in the image in real time.

Eduardo Arnold
Eduardo Arnold
PhD Canditate

I’m a PhD candidate with the Intelligent Vehicles group at the University of Warwick. My research is focused on perception methods for autonomous driving, particularly cooperative 3D object detection.